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Maasai song and video

No matter what anyone says, the Maasai are one of the main attractions to Kenya.  Its not just their spectacular looks, their fierce ways and their big sky wilderness landscapes…the music penetrates the soul. Listen and tell me what you think


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Daniel wants to be a pilot

recording Daniel.jpg

Daniel is a Maasai boy aged 15 who lives on Mt Suswa. Like all boys his age his dream is to be a pilot. Listen to this podcast about his life in the wilderness – not much else is common to children his age the world over. He’s an extraordinary child with big dreams. I spoke to him and he had loads to say – listen to this podcast about Daniels plans to leave Maasailand and become a pilot

listening to play back.jpg

Daniel gave me a quick lesson in his language called Maa (spoken by the Maasai) and sends a powerful message to all children the world over.

daniel at cave.jpg

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Insects rule the world!

I have been going on dudu safaris with Dino Martins Kenya’s own Dr Dudulittle – a young entomologist with a passion for bugs and nature. He’s completing his PhD at Harvard and has a lot to say about his favourite animals.

We did an experiment to find out how many bugs there are in my Nairobi back yard.

Find out why wider eye spacing is sexier for the Stalk eyed flies

Sexy enough for you?

Sexy enough for you?

How dye is made from the disgusting cochineal bug “a sack of eggs with a mouth part” that parasitizes prickly pear cactus.

I’m very proud to be a good friend of Dino who you can see moves in VERY high circles…

Even a princess knows that insects matter

Even a princess knows that insects matter

Learn more about our extraordinary insect world through Dino’s blog Dudu Diaries on WildlifeDirect

Dino Martings wth one of his best friends - Mega Bug

Dino Martings wth one of his best friends - Mega Bug

Watch this space to learn about this gigantic monster!

Note* for those who think the word dudu is a rude word, think again. It means insect in Swahili, and insects rule the world

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