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Twitter Recipes in 140 characters

I live with a man who is a crazy foodie who is responsible for my growing waistline. Everyone deserves good food so yesterday I decided to try tweet a few of his amazing dishes in 140 characters and got a response!

Dawn Nell dawnnell

@paulakahumbu you should send some of these to @janetravers. She’s collecting 140 character recipes in aid of Medicins San Frontieres

Ok, I’m always up for any charity so here’s my contribution to MSF. Please let feel free to retweet, modify and try

Pete’s recipes from Kenya to the world

  1. Pete’s Pasta: gr8 5 Zucchini fry w/ 1 chopd onion 2pc garlic sqeeze lemon salt olive oil. Add to cooked spagetti and gr8 cheese #BonApetweet
  2. Super scramble eggs for 2: whisk 4eggs with 1/2 cup milk, mix with 1fried onion. Add 1tbsp chopd parsley, 1 cup gr8d cheese, cook v slow #BonApetweet
  3. Gr8 chilli sauce recipe. Char 2cups chillis, fry 5pc garlic add 2cups chopd fresh coriander tsp salt 1cup vinegar boil 5 mins #BonAppetweet
  4. Am on my third delicious pancake ala @petergreste filled with sweet chunky hot mango pancake sauce #BonAppetweet #breakfast
  5. Cleansing ginger honey tea: Gr8 2tbsp ginger add ½ cup lemon jce 3 tbsp honey 2 cups boiling water Cover 5 mins Sip hot/cold. #BonAppetweet
  6. Delicious smokey red peppers: Char red peppers on coals or grill, remove skins, add squeeze lemon juice, olive oil and salt. #BonAppetweet
  7. bbq winners: put red peppers on coals til black all over , remove skins, add squeeze lemon juice, olive oil and salt. #BonAppetweet
  8. Pete’s dreamy ice cream: add 2 tbs good rum & drzl honey or  maple syrup on 2 scoops fresh vanilla ice cream #BonAppetweet
  9. Spicy cabbage – lightly Stir fry 2 cups chpped cabbage add ½ cup apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp sugar, 1 chopped chilli salt. Enjoy hot.  #BonAppetweet
  10. Cabbage salad – thinly slice 2 cups cold hard cabbage add juice 1 lemon, 1tbsp xtra virgin olive oil, salt. Eat immediately. #BonAppetweet
  11. Smokey Guacamole: char 2 chillis under grill – remove skin & chop add 2 tbsp finely chopd onion, 1 bnch chopd  coriander, sqeeze 1lemon & salt. Yum dup 4 fresh carrot!
  12. Amazing Avocado salad. Finely Chop 2 pc Garlic w salt & juice 1 lemon. Add to coarsely chopped avocado & chill for 3 hrs.
  13. Avocado sandwich – add avocado slices, slices cheddar cheese, tomato, squeeze lemon juice, salt, pepper between buttered toast. Heaven!
  14. perfect potatoes – wrap each med sized potato in foil & bury in coals for 20 mins. Allow no flames. Serve w butter. #bonAppetweet
  15. recipe: Scoop out roasted sweet potato mix w chopd feta, olive oil, cumin seed, chopd chili put in s/potato skins foilwrap re-heat in coals less than 5 seconds ago
  16. This one is from @blm849

    try the scrambled eggs with marjoram sometime….it goes well with cheese and eggs.

  17. Grill slices of tomatoes on toast with salt pepper & fresh thyme & strong cheddar til cheese is bubbling and going brown. Eat v hot  #bonAppetweet

Twiter Responses!!

HeritageKenya @paulakahumbu You grow avocados? Don’t tease with nice recipes while i’m in a freezing jeep early in the morning! 🙂

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Response to condom experiment on food waste vs dung for biogas

I got a really interesting response from T.C. Culhane to my earlier blog post on my experiment about biogas in which I tested the theory about kitchen waste vs cow dung for methane biogas.

My condom experiment showed that cow dung was far superior to kitchen waste in gas production

Here’s what Culhane had to say

“Marcel Lenormand called my attention to what you are doing.  It is great to see a small-scale experimental design for biogas which can be easily replicated. With my experience building digestors in Kenya as well as Egypt, Tanzania and the U.S. I thought I might share some thoughts.  First, you will not get any appreciable methane from the food waste container and you are right, it will rot and consume the air (this is the sucking the condom into the cup you observed). This is because food waste contains virtually no methanogens if any at all.  We did the same experiment in Cairo with a 200 liter drum filled with food waste to prove it to ourselves, just in case.  One needs a source of methanogenic bacteria, and normally that is from cow or horse or pig dung (others have used goats and cows and I’ve even started a digestors using my baby’s soiled diaper). However once you have enough bacteria producing gas the kitchen waste is a superior food. In all the cases we’ve observed the dung definitely starts producing gas first because the mix of dung and food can turn too acidic, inhibiting methanogen growth. This is why Dr. Karve always recommends you start your digestor with animal dung first and WAIT until you get your first FLAMMABLE methane before adding food waste.  But from then on you need only add food waste. You just have to make sure you do not add too much.  Karve says (and we’ve confirmed) to start feeding slowly, about 200 grams at first and gradually building up to no more than 2 kilos a day for a 1000 liter system.
It may be that what you are observing in your condoms is not methane at all, but CO2, for this is the first gas to be produced.  Over a period of several weeks the CO2 concentration drops to about 40% and the methane concentration increases to about 60% and that is when it starts burning.  So don’t let the gas production you see at first be the indicator of how well your system is doing. What you are trying to do is grow a stable and large colony of methanogenic bacteria.  Once you have done that, you can start feeding the food waste and you will not have to feed animal wastes again (though you are always welcome to — it is a good thing to add fresh bacteria through new dung introductions but if it gets to be a hassle you don’t have to put more in.) Among the Masai at the Boma we recommend putting any waste cabbage leaves and potato skins and ugale that fell on the floor and mix in any cow dung that is convenient. The addition of the food wastes improves output. Hope that helps!”

Well, Mr. Culhane this really helps a lot and though my dung digetser is working fine now,  I do have to go back to the drawing board and re-do the experiment but will need a new supply of condoms for that!

Read more about the how we installed a flexible biogas system at home on Afrigadget.com

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This Dawg is ready for the World Cup

pluto T1.jpg

I’m in heaven wearing my new T-shirt from Fluid-Tees

pluto t2.jpg

Thanks @fluidtees – @egichomo bet you didn’t know you were making dogtease when I ordered the T-shirts

pluto t3.jpg

Wanna tackle?

This T-shirt was delivered 3 hours after ordered through @egichomo in Nairobi. Amazing people! Thank you guys! Pluto is well ready for the World Cup! GOOOO AAAFFFRIIIICAAAAAAA!!!!

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Biogas bursting with Energy

We’ve been away for a few days and received this email

Subject “Full of goodness, Bursting with energy”

Content – of the email was simply this photo

bursting biogas.jpg

You cant imagine my pride… my cow dung has done that! Wow!

I hope you’ll agree that’s pretty serious expansion if you compare photos of the system just a few days ago. And if it’s your first time to participate in my biogas experiment, then you must check out my condom experiment here.

Well, we finally made fire!biogas fire.jpg

Check it out! I’m so happy 🙂

We all knew it would work – so why were we so impressed when it actually did?


There’s something quite delicious about making this thing work – but truth be told, while it was fun flaring the gas around and enjoying the warm blue flame, we have come across a snag. The pressure in the bag is insufficient to run my kitchen stove.

So now we have another plan, it involves two bright blue tanks, more pipes, wrenches, glue and a hose… and some rather ingenious ideas of creating pressure using water… watch this space.

Please note that This is a home experiment to create biogas for our home consumption – we (Paula, Peter and Dominic) would love to hear your comments, get your involvement and hear your ideas.

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Rhino horn tablets on sale in Kenya

Ok please tell me this is a joke

How is this possible?

For those of you who need this medication … well I’m sorry about your condition – but why should Rhino’s have to pay for it with their lives

Don’t feel alone however, Elle McPhearson apparently has a problem and takes rhino horn powder

Witter: You’re said to be a great fan of Chinese medicine. What does powdered rhino horn taste like?

E MacP: A little bit like crushed bone and fungus in a capsule. Does the job though.

Witter: How do you know that it works? A lot of people say Chinese medicine is quackery.

E MacP: Put it this way, works for me.

Don’t get excited folks, she just took these pills for a headache (NOT THAT SORT OF HEADACHE – you guys are so filthy minded)

Thanks to @damiancook for that info.

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Flexi-bag Biogas digester is full – Anafura kama mandazi!

Hi folks, it’s only been a week and my biogas digester looks – well positively like a mandazi (a donut like delicious breakfast bread – it’s 6 am and I’m hungry!).

I’m so chuffed with my biogas. Check it out

After 1 week it's looking dangerous - just hoping it wont explode while I'm away

Here it is on day 1.

We are on our way to northern Kenya and had to leave on Tuesday for the 2 day drive – before I left I went to check on my experiment which had gone disgusting, so I chucked it out.  Long story short – cow dung produces the most biogas, kitchen waste simply got fungus and consumed all the gas and sucked the condom into the cup – wondering what the hell I’m on about? Check out the experiment here.

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