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This Dawg is ready for the World Cup

pluto T1.jpg

I’m in heaven wearing my new T-shirt from Fluid-Tees

pluto t2.jpg

Thanks @fluidtees – @egichomo bet you didn’t know you were making dogtease when I ordered the T-shirts

pluto t3.jpg

Wanna tackle?

This T-shirt was delivered 3 hours after ordered through @egichomo in Nairobi. Amazing people! Thank you guys! Pluto is well ready for the World Cup! GOOOO AAAFFFRIIIICAAAAAAA!!!!

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Bicycle Repairman in Karen

In Africa bicycle repair men can be found everywhere, from under a tree to in the local vegetable market. I met Mohammed Makokha at the Karen market where he very proudly showed me two of his home made gadgets that are critical for his business.

Now I know I’ve been wasting money at the  bike repair shops in town!

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I thought Cormorants were from Africa!

A cormorant on a dingy in Rockport Harbour

A cormorant on a dingy in Rockport Harbour

It rained the first 24 hours and the second day has been absolutely beautiful and sunny in Rockport Maine. While out on the water we came across this lovely cormorant. Wait a minute I thought these fish eating birds were from Africa! cormorant2

In Kenya you’d be lucky to get within a few hundred meters of a Cormorant. Well, I got to touch this fellow who was sitting on a rubber dingy in Rockport Harbour, Maine.

Getting this close to the bird was amazing – it has super blue eyes and fleas all over it’s  feathers!

No wonder it was feeling poorly and keep grooming itself. Well it only too a few moments to call in the “bird lady” as the Harbor Mistress called her and he bird was rescued.

I can’t believe I got to attached to him – I think I’ll call him Chuck because he kept chucking up mouthfuls of water, and besides, Chuck is a good American name.

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The study of Zebra butts

The study of zebra behaviour starts with staring at their butts.
zebra butts.jpg
Like a fingerprint, each zebra has unique markings on it’s butt.
zebra sides.jpg
Of course the stripes on their sides are also individually unique
zebra yawn.jpg
but then you’d need two photos of each animal to identify it…
zebra kick.jpg
So after taking alot of photos of zebras assess you’d be able to tell who’s who in the soap opera of zebra life and understand why this guy is so mad.
Kenya has two species of Zebra, the plains zebra and the rare Grevy’s zebra. These two species co occur in Northern Kenya where they spend most of hteir time trying to avoid becoming lion lunch.
Shiva Sundaressan and his wife Corinne are studying what makes zebra society so damn interesting. Read their blog Saving Stripes on WildlifeDirect.

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