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Twitter Recipes in 140 characters

I live with a man who is a crazy foodie who is responsible for my growing waistline. Everyone deserves good food so yesterday I decided to try tweet a few of his amazing dishes in 140 characters and got a response!

Dawn Nell dawnnell

@paulakahumbu you should send some of these to @janetravers. She’s collecting 140 character recipes in aid of Medicins San Frontieres

Ok, I’m always up for any charity so here’s my contribution to MSF. Please let feel free to retweet, modify and try

Pete’s recipes from Kenya to the world

  1. Pete’s Pasta: gr8 5 Zucchini fry w/ 1 chopd onion 2pc garlic sqeeze lemon salt olive oil. Add to cooked spagetti and gr8 cheese #BonApetweet
  2. Super scramble eggs for 2: whisk 4eggs with 1/2 cup milk, mix with 1fried onion. Add 1tbsp chopd parsley, 1 cup gr8d cheese, cook v slow #BonApetweet
  3. Gr8 chilli sauce recipe. Char 2cups chillis, fry 5pc garlic add 2cups chopd fresh coriander tsp salt 1cup vinegar boil 5 mins #BonAppetweet
  4. Am on my third delicious pancake ala @petergreste filled with sweet chunky hot mango pancake sauce #BonAppetweet #breakfast
  5. Cleansing ginger honey tea: Gr8 2tbsp ginger add ½ cup lemon jce 3 tbsp honey 2 cups boiling water Cover 5 mins Sip hot/cold. #BonAppetweet
  6. Delicious smokey red peppers: Char red peppers on coals or grill, remove skins, add squeeze lemon juice, olive oil and salt. #BonAppetweet
  7. bbq winners: put red peppers on coals til black all over , remove skins, add squeeze lemon juice, olive oil and salt. #BonAppetweet
  8. Pete’s dreamy ice cream: add 2 tbs good rum & drzl honey or  maple syrup on 2 scoops fresh vanilla ice cream #BonAppetweet
  9. Spicy cabbage – lightly Stir fry 2 cups chpped cabbage add ½ cup apple cider vinegar and 1 tbsp sugar, 1 chopped chilli salt. Enjoy hot.  #BonAppetweet
  10. Cabbage salad – thinly slice 2 cups cold hard cabbage add juice 1 lemon, 1tbsp xtra virgin olive oil, salt. Eat immediately. #BonAppetweet
  11. Smokey Guacamole: char 2 chillis under grill – remove skin & chop add 2 tbsp finely chopd onion, 1 bnch chopd  coriander, sqeeze 1lemon & salt. Yum dup 4 fresh carrot!
  12. Amazing Avocado salad. Finely Chop 2 pc Garlic w salt & juice 1 lemon. Add to coarsely chopped avocado & chill for 3 hrs.
  13. Avocado sandwich – add avocado slices, slices cheddar cheese, tomato, squeeze lemon juice, salt, pepper between buttered toast. Heaven!
  14. perfect potatoes – wrap each med sized potato in foil & bury in coals for 20 mins. Allow no flames. Serve w butter. #bonAppetweet
  15. recipe: Scoop out roasted sweet potato mix w chopd feta, olive oil, cumin seed, chopd chili put in s/potato skins foilwrap re-heat in coals less than 5 seconds ago
  16. This one is from @blm849

    try the scrambled eggs with marjoram sometime….it goes well with cheese and eggs.

  17. Grill slices of tomatoes on toast with salt pepper & fresh thyme & strong cheddar til cheese is bubbling and going brown. Eat v hot  #bonAppetweet

Twiter Responses!!

HeritageKenya @paulakahumbu You grow avocados? Don’t tease with nice recipes while i’m in a freezing jeep early in the morning! 🙂

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