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Never fly 540.com – possibly Kenyas worst airline

I and a group of Kenyans and tourists have been sitting at Mombasa airport for nearly 2 hours due to the incompetence of the fly 540.com manager and his staff at Mombasa airport.

Fly 540.com should be closed down

I have written a complaint letter and hope that the airline will respond and punish the entire crew for the damage that they are doing to their business.

Feel free to share the letter and whatever you do, think twice about flying on fly540.com which seems to be an airline in a state of slow collapse as witness by almost losing tehir aircraft in an auctioned due to non payment of a debt of 157 million shillings. Who the hell runs this business?  No wonder they are saving pennies on ground transport.

We thought this was a new Kenya – this airline should reconsider whether it deserves to be in the market.

As @ColdTusker says , I should have flown KQ!

3. September 2010
Mombasa airport

Dear Sir/Madam,

I write to complain about the absolutely incompetent service that I and several other passengers have had to endure at Mombasa due to your airline.
After the aircraft was unable to land in Malindi the pilot announced that we were going to Nairobi. However about 40minutes into the 55 minute flight, he changed his mind and told us he was going to Mombasa.
We were informed that alternative transport would be available to Malindi on arrival in Mombasa. Ho

wever, we have now been sitting in Mombasa for nearly 2 hours and your manager, Morris Olunya insists that a vehicle is on it’s way. It takes only 2 hours to get to Malindi and we are still sitting in Mombasa. The ground crew here have been exceptionally poor at communicating and it is clear that the vehicle that is supposed to be coming to pick us up, is still at least one hour out of Mombasa being near Vipingo. The airline will not consider providing us with alternative transport.
I cannot tell you how furious and disappointed all the passengers are at the behavior of your airline and staff. Even your pilot Emmanuel seemed embarrassed and ashamed of the treatment that the passengers were getting because for the first 45 minutes none of the ground crew were able to reach the Manager Mr. Olunya.
We have been on the road since about 1 pm having arrived at Nairobi airport at 2 pm for a 3.30 pm flight. Even that flight was delayed to 4 pm. It is now 8.30 pm and  after we missed all our meetings and business for today in Malindi we requested that 540.com provide us with a drink and something to eat. After quite an argument Mr. Olunya finally conceded – it is unbelievable.
I would like to know what you will do to compensate us and all the other passengers for this horrendous service and waste of time. I for one hope never to have the  travel on your useless airline ever again.

Paula Kahumbu


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