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Biogas bursting with Energy

We’ve been away for a few days and received this email

Subject “Full of goodness, Bursting with energy”

Content – of the email was simply this photo

bursting biogas.jpg

You cant imagine my pride… my cow dung has done that! Wow!

I hope you’ll agree that’s pretty serious expansion if you compare photos of the system just a few days ago. And if it’s your first time to participate in my biogas experiment, then you must check out my condom experiment here.

Well, we finally made fire!biogas fire.jpg

Check it out! I’m so happy 🙂

We all knew it would work – so why were we so impressed when it actually did?


There’s something quite delicious about making this thing work – but truth be told, while it was fun flaring the gas around and enjoying the warm blue flame, we have come across a snag. The pressure in the bag is insufficient to run my kitchen stove.

So now we have another plan, it involves two bright blue tanks, more pipes, wrenches, glue and a hose… and some rather ingenious ideas of creating pressure using water… watch this space.

Please note that This is a home experiment to create biogas for our home consumption – we (Paula, Peter and Dominic) would love to hear your comments, get your involvement and hear your ideas.

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  1. Wow… how much dung did you need for this?

    Comment by Mbithi | June 8, 2010 | Reply

    • we used a pick up load to get it started – and two weeks later and once we start using the gas we need to put in one 20 l bucket of dung and 20l of water every 2 -3 days (Depending on how much gas we use).

      Comment by paulakahumbu | June 9, 2010 | Reply

  2. You see why i keep on telling you someone somewhere, methinks Mo Ibrahim, that Paula Kahumbu should be awarded some serious conservation recognition for her practical conservation genius. Honestly. I am looking forward to the day i shall raise my champagne glass and toast to a true princess of conservation. Cheers in the meantime. At least i recognize you in my small way…lol…

    Comment by Alen Wekesa | June 8, 2010 | Reply

    • Hey that’s quite a show of support! Hey the biogas is my brothers baby – I’m just a willing guinea pig! But I’m getting loads of requests from people inconservation areas for help in putting one of these up …

      Comment by paulakahumbu | June 9, 2010 | Reply

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