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Flexi-bag Biogas digester is full – Anafura kama mandazi!

Hi folks, it’s only been a week and my biogas digester looks – well positively like a mandazi (a donut like delicious breakfast bread – it’s 6 am and I’m hungry!).

I’m so chuffed with my biogas. Check it out

After 1 week it's looking dangerous - just hoping it wont explode while I'm away

Here it is on day 1.

We are on our way to northern Kenya and had to leave on Tuesday for the 2 day drive – before I left I went to check on my experiment which had gone disgusting, so I chucked it out.  Long story short – cow dung produces the most biogas, kitchen waste simply got fungus and consumed all the gas and sucked the condom into the cup – wondering what the hell I’m on about? Check out the experiment here.


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  1. Hurry back…saw pic of your digester today…its fit to burst unless you start cooking soon.
    Interesting experiment.LMHO !! :)and useful.Amazing how useful condoms are…from party balloons to temporary fanbelts
    My load of mavi ya ngombe was delivered today ….digester will begin operating tomorrow 4thJune if I can pin the technician down.
    Have almost been convinced that this thing will run a generator.If that’s true it may be worth buying a cow and a generator just to do away with KP&L and it’s blackouts.

    Comment by roz | June 3, 2010 | Reply

  2. […] hope you’ll agree that’s pretty serious expansion if you compare photos of the system just a few days ago. And if it’s your first time to participate in my biogas experiment, then you must check out […]

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