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Unnatural acts we should outlaw in Africa

Well there is a God Afterall! Yesterday the Malawian president  pardoned Chimbalanga and Monjeza who had been found guilty of charges of unnatural acts and gross indecency because these two men had announced their intention to get married.

First let me say that the charges were ridiculous – and the sentence 14 years of hard labour – frigging outrageoius. But most of us in Kenya were too cowardly to say or do anything to support these two lovers. That’s because if we went to protest at the Malawi embassy we would probably be stoned and mobbed by our own citizens, then arrested and thrown in for the weekend by our own police after a good dousing with tear gas and high pressure water hose.

I wish I could have joined friends and relatives in London who picketed outside the Malawian High Commission there.

I don’ t know what makes our people and our judges think they are better than gay people. These were two people are adults, and they are in love. What they do in the bedroom is their business. I mean, has anyone ever checked whether the judges sexual activities also amounted to unnatural acts (whats the bet that he has child porn stashed away somewhere in his mansion?). Would you share with us your fantasies and activities so that we can judge whether they amount to unnatural acts? Hell NO!

What the hell is an unnatural acts anyway.

Here are just a few of my suggestions of unnatural acts that should be outlawed and punished heavily

  1. Corruption, bribery, cooersion (eg. people at Sheria House who con Kenyan citizens, police)
  2. Pedophilia and child porn
  3. Thieves, robbers, muggers etc
  4. Going to war for no good reason (George Bush and Tony Blaire are you reading this?)
  5. Wife abuse, spouse abuse, battery
  6. Rape (yes even in marriage)
  7. Child abuse
  8. Mob justice
  9. Animal cruelty
  10. Dangerous matatu and bus drivers
  11. Politicians who think they are above the law
  12. Politicians who drive with outriders and flash blue lights
  13. Thugs for hire (Mungiki and their ilk)
  14. Lazy presidents (Kibaki are you reading this?)
  15. Sons of politicians who rig elections (stop pretending you know who you are)
  16. People who promote violence (Malema are you reading this?)
  17. Lying liars (damn! most of these crimes are committed by politicians)

Damn I could go on and on….

Back to Chimbalanga and Monjeza, go in peace brothers. Having just married myself, I know that it really is the best moment in ones life.  I wish you the best happiness in the world. If you can’t achieve it in Malawi then may they find a safe haven in a country that is not populated with biggots and homophobes. I hope that your experience which shocked the world will lead to reform of gay laws across Africa. Thank you for being so brave.

May 30, 2010 - Posted by | gay, Gay Bill, Homosexuality, Injustice, Kenya

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