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Kenyan constitution says NO WAY to gay marriage

Isn’t it amazing that we can’t get organized to deal with the remaining IDP’s, we’re still fighting over the Mau, and 2 years after the post election crisis, nobody has yet gone to the Hague, or been charged with causing the crisis….. things work so slowly in Kenya – except when gay rights come into play. On gay issues we’re spot on ready to defend our God Given Christian virtues and hammer back those deviants.

Yesterday Parliamentarians  deleted a controversial clause in the draft Constitution that could have legalized same sex marriages.

No matter that same sex marriage actually exists in some Kenyan indigenous cultures.

While some people are still outraged, blinkered and mind blocked at the concept of homosexuality, the same people see no problem with an even more bizarre marriage, that between Raila and Kibaki in the so called coalition government. What about the hybrid constitution that is being proposed. Isn’t that a deadly dangerous deviant arrangement?

As angry as I am that our leaders are so STUPID and irrational, I am  impressed that Caroline Mutoko has the balls to raise the issue on  radio without falling into the gay bashing trap of yesteryear, she says that Kenyans already tolerate gays enough, and better than other African countries, but expecting to have gay marriages allowed  “there is only so far we can go”

That’s sad but true. If it were allowed I’m sure that a number of our parliamentarians would be heaving a sigh of relief that they can finally come out of that lonely closet.

PLEASE NOTE: I’m kinda sick of the gay bashing comments people try to leave on this blog so if you want to vent the hatred in your heart to your fellow human beings through my blog, I won’t let you. Please leave only comments that contribute constructively to the discussion.

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  1. To rephrase her, she probably meant, “Okay, we allow you to be gay, you gays, its okay, we TOLERATE you enough, but, marriage? Ai? Thats too much bana!”

    Kwani gays are LESS KENYAN than the rest mpaka they have to be ALLOWED and TOLERATED in order to exist?

    Comment by Joliea | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. So what is someone’s problem if gays get married? I think we should recognize their rights in the constitution, don’t we have a bill of rights that criminalizes bias, against religion or sexual orientation?

    Comment by savvy | January 21, 2010 | Reply

  3. Live and let live. If two people love eachother, regardless of their sexual orientation, let them get married. I’m not threatened by this.

    Comment by Barnabas | July 13, 2010 | Reply

    • Thank you Barnabas. A courageous thing to say in This homophobic Kenya 🙂

      Comment by paulakahumbu | July 13, 2010 | Reply

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