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An emotional puzzle

Here’s a puzzle that’s been bothering me. Read, chew on it, leave me a comment, forward widely.

After a shipwreck Carol and her mother end up washed up on an island.

Across the shark infested waters are her boyfriend James, and his friend Jack.

Henry, another victim of the shipwreck, remains at sea on a life boat.

Carol asks Henry to take her to the other island that her boyfriend is on.

He says he’ll do it, but only on condition that she sleeps with him.

She asks her mother what she should do. Her mum says, do what you like.

She sleeps with Henry and afterwards he takes her across the island with James.

James is delighted to see her and after a bit of nooky, asks how she got to cross, Henry is known to be an A-hole.

She  tells him what she had to do and he explodes and starts beating up on her.

Jack hears Carol screaming from the other side of the island and comes running over to rescue her from the brutal James. Carol falls in love with him and they end up  together.

Nice story?

So who is the best person in the story and who is the worst and why? Leave me a comment


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  1. The worst is Caro….does she have to sleep with Henry? And then with James? And then with Jack?

    The best is Jack, no wait..he took his best friend’s girl. But then again, he was rescuing her..

    Comment by savvy | January 20, 2010 | Reply

  2. Jack is the best person.

    James is the worst man.

    Comment by Maina | June 9, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’d say Carol is the best person because she wanted something and pursued it, even though, sadly, it might not have been reciprocated and I may not agree with the way she went about it, but at least she had a go. I mean, to face her worst fears, shark infested waters, a perverted man, an abusive relationship? Such is life, but like her mom advised her, do what you like, she did.

    James is the worst, he is a coward. Why didn’t he ask Henry to take him across to Carol instead?

    Comment by Emang | September 23, 2010 | Reply

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