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Silent victims of spouse abuse – a poem by Eastlandah

Its Day 3 of my commetments to 16 days of action on Violence Against Women

Today I want to recognize and thank Eastlandah (Eastlanadah is blogging poet who writes amazing stuff here http://rawpoet.wordpress.com)



I watched the women in my village battered,
watched them toil under the loins of insecurity,
and saw them humiliated,
still they rise to give us a smile for today,
still they arise to standing in fields barren,
And duel a nature’s own barbaric ending.
As the men, humbled by the illicit sourness,
given to a spartan’s take on ‘thy mighty me’
I stand, we stand, in solidarity,
and salute the women whose telling stories tales abound,
And shame the wicked nature of gender violence,
An effigy’s burnt at stake- to be man enough,
and stop the violence.


Thank you Eastlandah, you are fully deserving of being on my list of amazing men.

Follow Eastlandah on Twitter @eastlandah


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