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Gay is ok – Congratulations Daniel and Charles

I am disgusted with the way that Kenyan journalists have covered the marriage between Charles Ngengi and Daniel Gichia, the two Kenyan men who married in London.

Listen to my podcast titled Gay is OK: hit back on Kenyan journalists about my response to Nick and Marcus on Classic FM who were gay bashing and calling Kenyans to ‘slap gays’

Why have I done this podcast? Because when good people stay silent bad people can get away with doing horrible things.

Don’t be silent – complain to the Classic FM station master Paul Illado (20) – 4447404

Fax +254 (20) – 4447411 Paul Illado (station master) and complain about Marcus and Nick for gay bashing program that calls viewers to slap gay people.

Be a proud Kenyan, Say NO to xenophobia, racism, bigotry, chauvinism, homophobia in Kenya.


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  1. I hate..hate speech. Can we do something else about it? Ideas?

    Comment by tonee | October 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve always been iffy about homosexuality. I don’t bash, but I didn’t think it was very ‘normal’. But I’ve been opening my mind to a lot of things lately, and I agree that it’s wrong to victimize anyone for their choices. Those two guys are probably happier than many heterosexuals. I say live and let live, and I salute their bravery in proclaiming their commitment at a time when even straight couples are scared to take the ‘forever’ step.

    Comment by CB | October 27, 2009 | Reply

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