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Today in Africa – riots, resignations and runners

The news today highlighted these stories

Rioting in Madagascar has led to the resignation of the country’s defense minister.

South Africa is about to elect a known suspected rapist criminal to the presidency, but he might have to wait a little longer for the high seat. The court has ruled that citizens living abroad should be allowed to vote (duh!) which will probably delay the Spring presidential elections.

Somalia’s new president arrived in the capital, greeted by cheering crowds and mortar fire.

Libya’s Muammar Gadaffi, another infamous leader is Africa’s best choice for  the African Union in Africa

Zimbabwe’s Mugabe has not admitted for, nor apologized for lying about the Cholera outbreak and saying it was under control …now 70,000 are sick.

Where is the good news?

What about thte fact that Kenya’s president Mwai Kibaki (yes he is!) successfully did absolutely nothing for the 1,000th  day running (didn’t kill anyone, didn’t rob anyone, didn’t print any fake money, or remove 0’s from the currency….I can go on and on!).

And why wasn’t it headlines that Kenyan runners Cyprian Kiogara Mwobi and Winnie Nyansikera  won the greatest race on earth the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon? Even if our leaders are letting us down at least some of our citizens are working hard


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